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Personalized Door Mats

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When looking for the right gift for either a wedding, special occasion, client, house warming or birthday a Personalized Door Mat can be perfect. It offers a personal touch that speaks not only to your taste but also to your desire to offer them a gift that is not only beautiful but functional.


Coco Door Mats offers a number of different types of personalized door mats. In fact we offer 27 different types of personalized coco door mats. The array includes monogram style, last names with different font and a number of different borders. The higher end of our personalized product line includes medallion insert monograms. Which offer the homeyness of coir fibber with the elegance of swirls and elaborate monograms.  


We've been in the coco door mat business (through our parent company Coco Mats N More)  for over 10 years and have strong ties to the current market availabilities while also being a strong supported of cottage industry mat makers in India. These types of mats have been around for hundreds of years and have stood the test time. People will always need door mats and adding a name to a quality item with a touch of design added provides the function and the fashion.


A coir door mat is a gift that can be for anyone with a door. We even do custom sizing for recessed areas. We also have a number of different designs and colors to choose from. If you are having any difficulty in selecting the right mat, we are only a phone call away on our toll free phone number 1-866-315-5269. 

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