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Cocodoormats Strives to Serve Your Need For Individuality

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The world is moving towards a great trend of custom ordered products. In the past decade the world has turned from catering the the unified needs of millions to a more concerted effort towards the individual needs of different people. 

This idea that people have different needs makes sense to us here at People have individual needs and personalities to express, and a one size fit all solution is a way of the past. Cocodoormats believes in the needs of the people, and thus strives to serve consumers on an individual basis, weather the need pertains to custom shapes and sizing, or personalized doormats with custom messages, texts, designs or monograms


Our Customers demand the best for their floor covering solutions, want to express their individual personality, and get a product they can truly feel good about purchasing. It is for these reasons that we exert a great amount of effort to bring our products into the north american market.

The internet has provided the collective us with a power of increased transparency, thus Cocodoormats has harnessed international relationships  and logistics strategies to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable products without sacrificing the needs for individuality displayed by our consumer. We believe in serving the overall good of this community called earth, through creating to one happy customer at a time. To give you an idea this what the ready to consume coconuts would look like after we remove the husks we need to make your mats.

Let us help you express your personal style and make your front porch be the one that stands out in the neighborhood.

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