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We Sell Coir Doormats

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We at Coco Doormats pride ourselves in bringing you the best coir doormats in the market place all the way from the Kerala region in India, and go beyond just a simple old doormat to help you enhance the appearance of your doorstep.

At this point you're probably wondering what exactly is so special about a Coco doormat, and why we would be better than the rest (all those mundane old doormats you saw the last time you were at the local hardware store)?

Well lets give you a few reasons to consider us over the rest

Why not make the mats your own?

You can truly make your doorstep an extension of your personality with our mats, as Coco Doormats carries a large selection of custom made coir doormats. So why should your doorstep look like everyone else's in the neighborhood, when it can have an awesome personal message printed right on it and serve as the first thing that your guests see. Better yet print your awesome name on our mats.


And in case you are a fan of artwork, we have numerous designer coco mats, and funny welcome mats for your perusal.

Our Coir Mats Love the Environment Just As Much As We Do!!

These coco doormats are made from coir fibers that are found between the two layers of a coconut's shells. And since the fruit can actually be used further after these fibers are extracted from them, it contributes to a highly sustainable process of production.

Furthermore, our environmentally friendly products use natural coloring methods to further help decrease any impact our products would have on the environment. 

Lastly, we all know coconuts are awesome and remind of the tropical paradise we would all rather be in at this very moment. so why not put a little piece of that paradise right at your doorstep and have it be the first thing you see when coming home (Just think about that great image below).


Long Lasting and Easy to Maintain

Our coir door mats are extremely durable. The hard material will easily stand up to the wear and tear of daily usage, and make for perfect entrance way or hallway mats for that reason. Moreover, they dry easily and prevent mildew and rot to last a very long time on your doorstep.

They are also very easy to clean, by simply vacuuming or taking them out and beating them a few times. Occasionally moistening the mat with some fresh water is a great way to help it last even longer. Also a great way to take out your days frustration by taking a baseball bat and "cleaning the mats."

Please go out and have a look at our collection, and we hope you can find a mat that you would be proud to display on your doorstep.


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