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Pizza Home


Vinyl Back - Pizza Home - Coir Doormat


Pizza! The ultimate in comfort food, the pizza plays an important role in all our lives! So then, let us pay this slice of heaven a fitting tribute with our "Home Is Where The Pizza Is" Coir Doormat.

  • "Pizza Home" coco doormat is made with eco-friendly coir fibres embedded into a vinyl backing.

  • The vinyl backing makes "Home is where the pizza is" coir mat skid-free and safe for guests to step on.

  • Designed for use outdoors, this funny coir doormat is durable, weather-proof and resistant to rot, mildew and stains.

  • As the coir fibers are tightly embedded into the vinyl backing there is lesser fiber shedding, compared to other mats.

  • The rough nature of coir fibers makes this doormat very effective in scraping away dirt and debris from under shoes.

  • The design is stencil printed with biodegradable and fade resistant dye, for a longer lasting and fade resistant doormat.

  • "Pizza Home" coir entry mat is available in a size 18" x 30".

  • Comes in a 5/8" thickness - a low profile thickness ideal for low clearance entryways.

  • Easy to clean with a quick shake or quick run down with a vacuum.

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