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Still Want In Olefin Doormat


Still Want In Olefin Doormat


Have you ever been glad that you're an only child? Glad that your parents' DNA wasn't replicated more than once and another child--your sibling--was forced to deal with Mom's total lack of any ability to hold a tune and Dad's sense of humor? But since we are family, we have to swallow tears and cheer when family sings tunelessly or cracks the kind of punny dad jokes that would shake up Hades. Guests, also part of some family, are in similarly trying situations. So when you decide to call them family, they may decide to beat a hasty retreat. Is that what you want? Rather, isn't that what you want? 

Each mat is made from 100% Olefin indoor/outdoor carpet with perfect bound stitched edges.Olefin is a great choice for outdoors and damp basements as its fiber dries quickly when wet, and is not prone to mold or mildew as a result of the moisture. Additionally, being solution-dyed makes the fiber extremely fade-resistant and stain resistant, so exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet rays and spills will not permanently discolor the carpet.

Material Olefin
Backing None
Base Color Off White
Print/Accent Color Black, green
Size 18" x 27"



To clean, just wet with a hose and scrub it with a brush (please do not machine wash). Dry flat.

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