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Light Leaves Coco Doormat




Durable and functional (not to mention very pretty), the Light Leaves Coco Doormat is packed with benefits - keeps your home clean of dirt and other icky stuff, protects floors and carpets from damage, look very pretty outside your door and offers a warm welcome to all your guests!

  • The tough coir fibres of the Light Leaves Doormat will remove dirt, debris and moisture from under shoes.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainably produced from coconut husks.

  • The elegant Light Leaves coco doormat is stain, rot and mildew resistant, for a mat that is hygienic and long-lasting.

  • The all coir doormat is woven and has intricate braided edges.

  • The Light Leaves is stencil printed with biodegradable dye, making the colors fade resistant.

  • Easy to clean and maintain - requiring a simple dusting or vacuuming at most times.

  • Comes in an 18" x 30" size and is 1" in thickness.

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