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The Dark Flowers Coco Doormat is for those times when your so-called green thumb goes into hiding and your garden has at its best come out with.... a big fat nothing! Not to worry... perfect the year around with its dark and exotic flowers, the Dark Flowers doormat will warmly welcome your guests while keep the sorry state of affairs of your garden under wraps... What else? Yes, this coco doormat is chock full of functionality... you just cannot not fall in love with this one...

  • Made from tough coconut fibres, the Dark Flowers Doormat will scrape off dirt, debris and moisture from under shoes, keeping your home clean and damage free.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainably produced from coconut husks.

  • The stylish Dark Flowers doormat is stain, rot and mildew resistant, keeping the mat hygienic and long-lasting.

  • The all coir doormat is woven and has intricate braided edges.

  • The Dark Flowers is stencil printed with biodegradable dye, making the colors fade resistant.

  • Easy to clean and maintain - requiring a simple dusting or vacuuming at most times.

  • Comes in an 18" x 30" size and is 1" in thickness.

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