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This coir doormat features an elegant Evergreen Border with a monogram in the middle on a 1.5" thick mat. These Doormats are environmentally friendly and naturally made from coir fibers extracted from coconuts.

The fiber allows the coco doormat to last a long time, while also being able to scrape dirt from the bottom of shoes your shoes and keeping it out of the house.

The elegant door mats are also skid, stain, mildew and rot resistant. along with having the ability to be easily cleaned through vacuuming and at most times even just giving it a good shake.

The mats come in two sizes of 22" x 36" and 30" x 48", and will feature a standard monogram letter in sizes of:

6" on the 22" X 36"

8" on the 30" X 48"

The lead time on the coco doormats will be 2-3 weeks.


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