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Gone Fishin PVC Doormat


*** New Inventory for 10/2/2020 ***

We know for a fact that your love for fishing has taken on some obsessive heights. We also know that it keeps you out of the house, losing all track of time when the fish are biting. But, really, those people who come to visit you and are impatiently knocking on the door do not know you are a little fish crazy or when you'll be back. Let's just put them out of their misery and let them know that they may be faced with a really long wait... Place this mat at your door as a personal message - Gone Fishing PVC Coir Doormat. Hopefully all your guests are smart enough to know to try again later and preferably call before landing up!

What's more, these designer doormats make a great gift for other folks with the love for fishing... or the sea... or of sailing.... just gift it and am sure they will love it!

The Eco-friendly and natural alternative to your doormat, these mats provide a rich aesthetic to any building or home. Coco entrance mats are made by embedding natural coconut husk fiber into a vinyl backing.

These fibers area  bi-product of the coconut harvesting industry, making the production of these mats highly sustainable, and the mats themselves a perfect complement to your environmentally conscious building or home.

Coir Fiber are a proven scrapper that is highly effective at brushing away dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes to ensure a clean and safe floor inside. This coco fiber is also one of the most absorbent natural fibers available, making it highly effective at keeping the moisture off your floors.






PVC Vinyl

Base Color

Natural Coco

Print/Accent Color





17” by 28”

    • Eco-friendly and sustainably made.

    • Strong and tough, these doormats are resistant to rot, mildew and stains.


    • Specially formulated color dye goes deep into the coir fibres for a long-lasting and fade resistant doormat.

    • The tough coir fibers will scrape off dirt and mud from shoes, trapping it before tracking indoors.

    • Are very easy to clean and maintain - simply vacuum, hose down or shake off to keep them clean.

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