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These coir mats feature a good looking design that will look great on your doorstep and complement the front and back yards. The garden tools design is printed on a vintage style green coco doormat, which is made in a sustainable manner and using bio-degradable vegetable dyes.

These coco doormats will serve as a great conversation starter, only if you wish to have one.

The environmentally friendly and tough door mats are made from coconut coir fibers that will last a long time on your doorstep with their stain, skid, mildew and rot resistant capabilities.

The coco door mats are made out coir fibers found in coconut husks and lead themselves to a sustainable form of production.

Coco door mats are easy to clean, often requiring only a simple vacuuming, and are available in a 18" x 30" size. 

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