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Elegant Seagull PVC Doormat


Elegant Seagull PVC Doormat


The Elegant Seagull PVC Doormat captures the majestic beauty of a seagull in flight. It speaks of the sea, freedom and tranquility, all qualities that will put your guests at ease when they see the mat. The doormat is made from PVC coils with a PVC rubber backing that is slip-resistant.0.5

Made of PVC coil with a PVC backing, this mat is durable, yet soft on feet.  PVC coils do not shed, so the mat is completely hassle-free. The mat is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Since PVC is moisture-resistant, these doormats are great for use in places that see rainfall, snow and ice conditions. 

Material PVC
Backing PVC
Base Color Dark Blue
Print/Accent Color White
Thickness 1/2"
Size 18" x 30"



PVC mats are hardy, durable and very easy to maintain. Simply brush them to get rid of dust and mud or hose down to remove mud that may have traveled deeper down in the fibers.

Do not machine wash. 

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