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Delicious Pineapple PVC Doormat


Delicious Pineapple PVC Doormat


Welcome guests with a fruit that has symbolized hospitality for a long time now. The Delicious Pineapple PVC Doormat warmly…and sweetly…welcomes visitors into your home. The mat is simple, homely and very durable. Made from PVC coils, the mat feels deliciously soft on the feet.

Made of PVC coil with a PVC backing, this mat is durable, yet soft on feet. PVC coils do not shed and so the mat makes for a cleaner entranceway. The mat is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. PVC coils are also moisture-resistant so the mats are ideal for areas that see rainfall, snow, and ice conditions

Material PVC Coils
Backing None
Base Color Green
Print/Accent Color White
Thickness 1/2"
Size 18" x 30"



Coir mats are easy to maintain. Simply brush, beat with a broom, or vacuum to get dirt, dust and chunks of mud out of the fibers.

Coir is a natural fiber and can get damaged by water so do not wash the mat.

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