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Damask Welcome Handwoven Coco Doormat ***DISCONTINUED***


The all natural and Eco-friendly Damask Welcome Doormat is inspired and uniquely fashioned after the Damask fabric to give you a functional and durable doormat that will add a beautiful accent to your doorway

***This doormat is out of stock until December 2020***

So what if you cannot get your hands on the real Damask fabric, this doormat should do it for you. And, unlike the real damask fabric, the Damask Welcome Handwoven Coco Doormat puts you at an added advantage.. you got it... it lets you welcome your guests, cleans up after them and you get to make your doorway beautiful!

The Damask Welcome Doormat is made from 100% natural and Eco-friendly coir that is an efficient dirt-trapper. Helping you keep a clean doorway and an even cleaner house, it will scrape away dirt, debris and other unmentionables from footwear preventing it from tracking indoors. You no longer have to constantly clean your floor. Plus, with none of that dirt coming in, the floors and carpets are protected from damage.






Base Color

Natural Coco

Print/Accent Color





18” by 30”


4.0 lbs


    • Welcome Damask Hand-woven Coir Doormat is Eco-friendly and sustainably made.

    • Made from 100% natural coconut fibers, Welcome Damask is luxuriously thick and hand-woven.

    • Welcome Damask Coco Doormat is hand stenciled with fade-resistant dyes that can resist all weather conditions.

    • The tough coir fibers on the Welcome Damask Coco Doormat will scrape off dirt and mud from shoes, trapping it before tracking indoors.

    • Welcome Damask Coco Doormats are very easy to clean and maintain - simply vacuum, hose down or shake off to keep them clean.

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