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Coco Doormats | Elegant Coir Welcome Mats



Calling all you comic lovers... come and bow down in respect of this totally awesome welcome doormat! What you see before you is an affordable, one of a kind art piece made just for you. Spread out this Comic Welcome Non-slip Coco Doormat at the doorway and imagine your super buddies (the likes of superman and batman) feeling the love when they come visiting. For all you know.... they use this very same Comic Welcome Doormat back at home! 

Made out of natural coconut coir fibres, the Comic Welcome Non-Slip Coir Doormat is eco-friendly and sustainably produced. The unique and tough nature of coir traps dirt and does not allow it inside the house. 

Coir fibres embedded into a vinyl non-slip backing guarantees skid-free safety. The mats have been stencilled with fade-resistant dyes that can survive all types of weather conditions.
The Comic Welcome Non-Slip Coco Mats are easy to clean, the doormat can be vacuumed, hosed down or shaken to remove dust.

: 17" x 28", Thickness: 1/2 inch, Weight: 5 lbs

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