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**This Design Will Not Be Available Until The New Year**

One Casper is cute and was a nice movie but so many ghosts together on one mat takes it from being cutesy to a marginally scary Halloween prop that will cause your guests to worry

Let your guests know that you take your Halloween very seriously and leave them guessing as to what you have planned for them once they step inside. Either this, or it just really shows that you loved the movie "Casper" in which case please feel free to use it all year long.

  • Made out of 100% natural coconut coir fibers, these coir mats are environmentally friendly

  • These gorgeous coir mats will make all your guests feels suitably scared of what's going on inside

  • Made out of coir, these doormats are excellent at trapping dirt and mud right at the doorstep.

  • This doormat is hand woven and will not fade as they are stencilled with fade-resistant dyes.

  • These doormats are easy to clean and maintain, just vacuum, hose it down or shake it off. Anyone brave enough to cross the threshold should do so after they clean their shoes sufficiently

  • Comes in a 18" x 30" size and 3/4 inch thickness

  • Weight: 4.0 lbs

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