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Bring the spirit and joy of fall to your doorstep with these elegantly designed coir doormats. This coco doormat printed with a unique plaid design and vibrant autumn colors will add that extra touch of vivacity to your doorstep and help create a great accent for your existing porch background. These are not meant only for the fall season but its classic and artistic design will achieve any desired aesthetic all year long.

The coco doormats not only work great at presenting a warm welcome to your guests and adding a touch of elegance to your doorstep, but are also highly function oriented and easy to maintain.

  • Mats are made out of eco-friendly coir with a PVC non slip backing

  • As they are made out of coir, these doormats are excellent at trapping dirt and mud right at the doorstep.

  • They are designed to last for a long time

  • This doormat is hand woven and will not fade as they are stencilled with fade-resistant dyes

  • These doormats are easy to clean and maintain, just by vacuuming or shaking it off

  • Comes in a 17" x 28" size and 3/4 inch thickness

  • Weight: 5.0 lbs

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