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Ohh Yeah! This 'Jack-o-Lantern' doormat is going to scare the heebie jeebies of those trick or treaters! Place this mat on your doorstep and hear them scream as they run away from your house! For those with that false sense of bravado... oh well... you did try to warn them.

Errr ok! Mebbe it isnt that scary.. perhaps scary only to that bug you tried to squash while putting it down (poor thing suffers from nightmares to this day!). But this mat will definitely let people know that you love your Halloween and what to expect once they step inside.

  • These mats are made off eco-friendly coir and feature a PVC non slip backing and are skid free

  • These gorgeous coir mats will make all your guests feels suitably scared of what's going on inside.

  • Made out of coir, these doormats are excellent at trapping dirt and mud right at the doorstep.

  • This doormat is hand woven and will not fade as they are stencilled with fade-resistant dyes.

  • These doormats are easy to clean and maintain, just vacuum, hose it down or shake it off. Anyone brave enough to cross the threshold should do so after they clean their shoes sufficiently

  • Comes in a 18" x 30" or 22" x 36" size and 5/8 inch thickness

  • Weight: 5.0 lbs

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