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These L.E.D coir door mats provide security, safety and a warm welcome for your guests. The L.E.Ds provide extra lighting for those darker times during the day, and a warm sense of welcome right at your doorstep.

These novelty welcome mats incorporate Crush proof L.E.Ds that even high heels are no match for.

The battery operated motion sensor box allows you to choose between a constant light mode and also a motion sensor mode so that the lights come on during just the right time.

The environmentally friendly and tough door mats are made from coconut coir fibers that will last a long time on your doorstep with their stain, skid, mildew and rot resistant capabilities.

The Coir doormats come in a 18" x 30" size and are 100% waterproof. The coir mats will require 3 AA Batteries which are not included with the product.


Mat Care:

These Coir Doormats can be hosed off.  Disconnect the battery operated motion sensor box and remove.  Spray the mat gently with a garden hose to wash off any accumulated dirt.  Shake and let dry before reconnecting the battery operated motion sensor box.

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