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Backyard Birds Doormat

Fiddler's Elbow

Backyard Birds Polyester Doormat


Beautiful and elegant the Backyard Birds Doormat will look great on any doorstep and add that touch of whimsy. This pretty doormat with birds in snow will make all your friends feel welcome this winter. These doormats are made with a 100% polyester face. The doormat is permanently dye printed & fade resistant for long lasting use. This pet doormat will make a lovely home accent or a great gift.

Polyester mats are popular and affordable. Thee mats have a 100% polyester face and a rubber backing.

They come in a wide range of colours and textures and are easy to print on. The doormat is permanently dye printed & fade resistant for long lasting use. Polyester is a non-allergenic material that resists moisture.

It is an excellent weatherproof doormat, resistant to mildew, perspiration, rot, and weather wear.

This elegant and high-quality Polypropylene Mat will not only remove dirt, debris and moisture from under shoes but will also... protect indoor floors and carpets and welcome your guests in style!

Simple, stylish and with a tufted surface design, the Polyester Mat will add a contemporary twist to your home décor.







Base Color


Print/Accent Color



Polypropylene Web Trim


18” by 27”

    • Strong and tough, these doormats are resistant to rot, mildew and stains.

    • Are very easy to clean and maintain - simply vacuum, hose down or shake off to keep them clean.

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